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Tim Keller

A wonderful and thoughtful look. Growing My Faith in the Face of Death

Biblical Hope

From Max Lucado – At Advent, we are invited to immerse ourselves in hope. Biblical hope is not wishful thinking. It is the unshakable confidence that God can be trusted. It is the belief that God is always at work for our good (Rom. 8:24-25, 28). It is the assurance that God’s promises are trueContinue reading “Biblical Hope”

Stuffed Jalapenos

Stuffed jalapenos are one of those things that everyone has a different way of doing.  My brother and cousins all do them somewhat differently. There are just a few ingredients in my stuffed jalapenos:  jalapenos, bacon, cream cheese and raw shrimp.  Toothpicks are useful in holding everything together, but my wife doesn’t really like meContinue reading “Stuffed Jalapenos”

What About the Next Day?

In one of our meetings, Pastor Chad asked the question “what about the next day”. This question caught my imagination. It was asked in reference to the story of the healing at the pool Bethesda. You can find this story in John 5. Miracles that Jesus performed were on real people and changed lives. ThisContinue reading “What About the Next Day?”

More Than You Can Bear

The Firefighter Devotional is an excellent blog that I follow.  Today’s post talks about the phrase “More Than You Can Bear”. One of my pet peeves is people quoting scripture that is not in the Bible or taking what is written and misinterpreting it for their own uses. Give a close read.  There are quiteContinue reading “More Than You Can Bear”


I often think that children’s messages in church teach as much or more than the regular sermons and this is a prime example. We all get in trouble. Sometimes intentionally. We want something and decide to break the rules. Sometimes we like to walk on the edge. There is something exciting about seeing how closeContinue reading “Trouble”


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